California Professional Firefighters

May 24 2012

Apprenticeship Works -- New documentary outlines value of firefighter and building trades apprentices in training for the jobs of the future.

May 10 2012

The brave rescue of a mother and her two young daughters has been featured on NBC's The Today Show, where they were reunited with Santa Barbara County Firefighter Local #2046 Greg Knuckles and CHP Sgt. Tom Mullin and offered their heartfelt thanks.

Apr 30 2012

 A new Census Bureau report indicates that California's retirement funds helped pace a national rebound in pension fund returns. According to the new report, state and local pension funds in California grew at a 12.4% rate in 2010, surpassing the national average of 10.6%.

Apr 13 2012

 A 21-member independent commission developing changes in Santa Rosa's city charter has voted overwhelmingly to preserve binding arbitration protection for firefighters and police. The commission refined the existing language, but ultimately decided that public safety officers deserve to have their contract disputes resolved through arbitration.

Apr 11 2012

The effort by San Jose city officials to tilt the field in a June fight over pensions has been struck down by the courts. Declaring it "impermissibly partisan and misleading," a unanimous appeals court rewrote biased ballot language drafted by the city for its retirement security rollback measure.

Mar 26 2012

A blistering investigative report suggests that San Jose city officials exerted influence on a supposedly "independent" audit of its retirement system to inflate the fiscal risk to the city. The report also indicates city officials withheld vital information from its Retirement Board.

Mar 22 2012

A Fight We Can't Afford to Lose: CPF Firevision spotlights the November battle over a Corporate Power Grab initiative that would muzzle working families while preserving political fund raising for corporations and the super rich 

Mar 21 2012

CDF Firefighters Local 2881 is saddened to report the loss of CAL FIRE Heavy Equipment Operator Gordon Varney, who succumbed to job-related cancer.

Mar 21 2012

This weekend's Auto Club 400 NASCAR race in Fontana will be honoring California first responders on Firefighter Appreciation Day. A portion of each firefighter ticket goes to support the California Fire Foundation. Tickets are still available -- the race is Sunday, March 25th.

Feb 21 2012

Recruit ... Retain ... Promote: A groundbreaking new program for departments, designed to help retain and promote the best and brightest through formal peer mentoring.