California Professional Firefighters

Aug 7 2012

CPF is pleased to work with Kaplan University to offer a special opportunity for CPF members. CPF members can earn degrees in fire science and emergency management online while on the job, and may receive credit for JAC or SFM training. 

Aug 6 2012

Bakersfield Firefighter Jimmy Watkins finished sixth Sunday in the men's cycling sprint at London's Olympic Velodrome. It was the United States' best Olympic finish in track cycling's blue-ribbon in 12 years.

Aug 1 2012

The decline in secure pensions has coincided with a disturbing increase in elder poverty and future "reforms" could push millions into poverty. So says a new report from the National Institute for Retirement Security. 

Jul 31 2012

The critics of public pensions have tried to inflate the supposed pension crisis by assuming incredibly low return rates for CalPERS investments. But a respected independent expert who co-authored a book on California government dysfunction says these assumptions have no grounding in history, and, if implemented, could cost the next generation.

Jul 30 2012

The cities' anti-labor, anti-firefighter spin being peddled about municipal bankruptcies is coming unraveled. Turns out Stockton and San Bernardino were sub-prime central, and were done in by housing meltdown ... not labor contracts.

Jul 19 2012

Another city seeks a free pass for mismanagement by rushing to bankruptcy. "Fraud, misuse of funds and financial waste" alleged.

Jul 19 2012

San Francisco Chronicle analysis underscores Prop. 32's risks. The initiative's special exemptions let partisan mega donors continue spending freely on campaigns, but deals a "devastating blow" to labor. 

Jul 18 2012

 A statewide pension analyst often quoted by anti-union forces has run the numbers in San Bernardino. Conclusion: Economic meltdown, mismanagement and toxic politics are at the heart of the San Bernardino bankruptcy bid.

Jul 17 2012

The new president of AFSCME says national attacks aimed at firefighters and other public workers is creating a "race to the bottom" that hurts the Middle Class. 

Jul 17 2012

Super PACs and business special interests already have a pervasive influence over California elections.  Passage of Prop. 32 would, however, make it easier for Super PACs to gain even more control of our electoral system, while union members and working families are stripped of their political voice.