California Professional Firefighters

Jul 16 2012

Californians for Retirement Security's Barbara Maynard tells Fox 11 LA that public sector employees want to end pension abuses but that reform attempts must be thoughtful and must avoid one-size-fits-all solutions.

Jul 16 2012

 Stop the Special Exemptions Act -- Prop. 32 on the November ballot would silence the voices of firefighters and working families, but give special exemptions that allow Super PACs and the super rich to spend unlimited money on campaigns.

Jul 15 2012

 Some 4,000 local state and federal firefighters are battling a group of Northern California wildfires that collectively have burned nearly 40,000 acres. 

Jul 12 2012

 IAFF General President Harold Schaitberger has penned an op-ed for the Huffington Post debunking skewed study from Pew Centers. Bottom line: Funding "crisis" is overstated.

Jul 12 2012

Like those in Stockton, city residents in San Bernardino aren't faulting employees for the city's bankruptcy attempt. Instead, they are fingering years of fiscal mismanagement by local leaders.

Jul 10 2012

Looks like Californians aren't as crazed to slash retirement security as some would have you believe. A new independent poll shows more than half believe pension levels are about right or too low. Voters also back public employee collective bargaining.

Jul 10 2012

Proposition 32 on the November ballot -- the Special Exemptions Act -- would choke off the effective voice of you and your fellow firefighters, all the while protecting the rights of corporations and the super rich.  

Jul 6 2012

Critics are often at the forefront of pension reform, but can tangible solutions arise by cutting from the livelihoods of thousands of public employees? Before we hurt the ones who have dedicated their lives to help others, take the time to understand how the system works. 

Jun 26 2012

 Uniformed firefighters from Stockton and San Gabriel joined medical researchers, furniture manufacturers and environmental groups at a legislative hearing to call for an end to the use of dangerous toxins in furniture.

Jun 25 2012

CPF- and IAFF-backed efforts to get cancer-causing toxins out of fire retardants got a boost when Gov. Jerry Brown issued a directive to revise California’s decades-old flammability standard.