California Professional Firefighters

Sep 14 2012

A secretive out-of-state Super PAC with ties to billionaire oil tycoons the Koch Brothers has dropped $4 million in support of Proposition 32. The deceptive initiative would silence the voices of working families and let Koch-style Super PACs spend unlimited amounts on politics.

Sep 12 2012

Legislation imposing sweeping rollbacks on retirement security for future public workers was signed today by Gov. Jerry Brown. 

Sep 11 2012

Select Southern California Papa John's Pizza locations will dontate a portion of proceeds to the CA Fire Foundation Sept. 11 - Oct. 21.

Sep 11 2012

CDF Firefighters Local 2881 sadly announces the passing of Fire Captain Dennis Hanson. Dennis has lost his battle with job-related cancer and passed away on Sep 8, 2012.

Sep 10 2012

Local I-79 and NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory Fire Department is saddened to announce the untimely death of Firefighter Jeffrey Gonser.

Sep 5 2012

A San Jose firefighter who suffered an on-scene heart attack is awake and alert after a week of unconsciousness. Frank Ryan collapsed Aug. 30 while on the scene of a fire at St. Patrick's Cathedral in downtown San Jose.

Sep 4 2012

Reforms to protect the firefighter image and close loopholes that have cost families survivor benefits were among the successful legislative victories for firefighters as the 2012 Legislative Session closes.

Sep 1 2012

 Employee benefits will rise, medical restrictions will be modified, red tape will be cut and employer rates will go down under a CPF-backed Workers' Comp reform measure approved by the Legislature.

Sep 1 2012

On the last day of the legislative session, the California Senate and Assembly approved legislation that imposes sweeping changes in California's public pension system. 

Aug 31 2012

 The San Jose Mercury News joined a growing list of those who are saying NO to Prop. 32 -- the Special Exemptions Act. "A sham," says the Merc, "that would magnify the influence of wealthy interests while shutting out many middle class voters."