California Professional Firefighters

Jun 22 2012

Ten Years Honoring California's Fallen -- Part 1 of a series of profiles commemorating the 10th Anniversary of the California Firefighters Memorial in Sacramento.

Jun 20 2012

Fresno firefighters responded to a major industrial fire in Calwa, near Fresno. City, county, CAL FIRE members all responded. Photo gallery from the Fresno Bee. 

Jun 19 2012

Sacramento Bee columnist Dan Morain says the deceptive Special Exemptions Act, headed for the November ballot, will make California the next anti-union battleground. 

Jun 19 2012

 The attack on public employee pensions is already having an effect on the wealth of families in the U.S. Unless, that is, you're family has a CEO in it.

Jun 15 2012

United Profession Firefighters of Contra Costa County Local 1230 is saddened to announce the line-of-duty death of East Contra Costa FPD Engineer William West. Brother West succumbed to job-related cancer on June 12, 2012.  

Jun 14 2012

Because of the low rainfall levels to date, Ventura County fire officials predict a dry and dangerous 2012 fire season. Budget cuts and lay offs makes proper coverage even more challenging during this unpredictable summer. 

Jun 13 2012

The big money backers of the so-called "Stop Special Interest Money" initiative have a secret they don't want you to know: Their "fair and balanced" solution gives special exemptions that protect billionaire businessmen and corporate special interests.  

Jun 7 2012

State lawmakers were challenged to "take the heat" at CPF's Fire Ops 101 at the State Capitol. The training exercises simulate fire conditions to give policy makers a chance to spend some time in a firefighter's boots.

May 31 2012

A four-alarm fire in North San Jose wound up burning longer and causing more damage, thanks to city-imposed brownouts. According to San Jose fire officials, the loss of a browned-out second response engine caused a delay in setting up a water supply. 

May 24 2012

The Daniel A. Terry Scholarship provides higher education financial assistance to the children of California's fallen firefighters. Applications are being accepted for the 2012 scholarships.