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California Professional Firefighters

May 5 2016

For four days in April, a record number of firefighters from throughout California gathered in San Jose with a united voice and a shared commitment for California Professional Firefighters' biennial convention.

Apr 20 2016

The Firefighters Bill of Rights is your best on-the-job protection. In this third part of a training series, we look more closely at your right to transparency in the interrogation and discipline process.

Mar 25 2016

This week’s terrorist attacks in Belgium have again focused attention on how we respond here at home. Cal-JAC’s pioneering Unified Response to Violent Incidents (URVI) is pointing the way, as demonstrated in a recent training exercise in Los Angeles. Next joint fire-law enforcement class is in Carlsbad on April 5th. Info & registration info HERE.

Mar 6 2016

Hundreds of future firefighters met with recruiters across the state at the Cal-JAC's Firefighter Career Expos. Recruits learned about opportunities to find a career in the fire service and had a chance to become familiar with the Firefighter Candidate Testing Centers.

Feb 14 2016

CPF this week continues a series of training videos explaining your workplace protections under the Firefighters Bill of Rights. Next up, your the history and major provisions of FBOR. 

Jan 21 2016

CAL FIRE Battalion Chief Paul Duncan -- a member of CAL FIRE Local 2881 -- and his wife Courtney Duncan -- a CAL FIRE Communications Operator -- tell the story of their family's harrowing flight from last Fall's Valley Fire. They were among the hundreds who lost their homes in the massive blaze. 

Jan 18 2016

A pair of ex-politicians bent on gutting retirement security for firefighters, teachers, nurses and other public workers has announced that they will not be moving forward with their pair of proposed ballot initiatives during the 2016 election. 

Jan 6 2016

In a vote of confidence for public employee bargaining rights, the governor proposed an 8 percent hike in funding for the California Public Employment Relations Board (PERB) as part of his new 2016-2017 state budget. Created in 1977, PERB is a quasi-judicial agency that oversees public-sector collective bargaining in California.  

Dec 29 2015

Supplying Aid to Victims of Emergency (SAVE) launches in L.A., as the city and county fire departments, and their respective locals, adopt the unique victims assistance program. SAVE was created by CPF's non-profit California Fire Foundation.

Dec 16 2015

CPF Firevision this week launches a series of training videos explaining your workplace protections under the Firefighters Bill of Rights (FBOR). First up, your right under FBOR  to union representation in discipline.