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California Professional Firefighters

Feb 2 2012

A Fight We Can't Afford to Lose: CPF members from throughout California gathered in an urgent Special Convention in January to take action against a November initiative aimed at working people in California.

Feb 1 2012

 Governor Brown has released details of his plan to roll back the retirement security of current and future employees. The plan proposes to bypass collective bargaining by imposing a range of pension rollbacks and locking them into the state constitution. CPF and dozens of other organizations denounced the move as an assault on current and future workers.

Jan 30 2012

 There's new evidence that so-called "pension reforms" don't deliver the promised cost savings. A report from the Legislative Analyst is backed up by CSU accounting professor Steven Filling.

Jan 11 2012

Facing down an unprecedented anti-labor agenda sweeping toward California, delegates at this week’s California Professional Firefighters Special Convention committed to an all out fight against those who would steal the firefighter voice at the ballot box and the bargaining table. 

Oct 12 2011

California Professional Firefighters was recognized with four awards at this year's 2011 IAFF Media Awards, with CPF.org and CPF Firevision receiving top honors.

Oct 12 2011

On October 1, 2011, 30 names were added to the California Firefighters Memorial at a solemn ceremony in Sacramento.

Oct 2 2011

California honored its fallen firefighters Oct. 1 at the annual California Firefighters Memorial Ceremony in Sacramento's Capitol Park.