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Key Messages & F.A.Q.s

Regional Fire Protection
Saturday, October 3, 2020 (All day)


Key Messages

     ●  Many communities and unincorporated areas in Santa Clara County rely on a regional fire protection system.

     ●  The increasing demands placed on the system by growing communities and a massive wildfire problem threatens the stability and efficiency of that fire protection system.

     ●  Recent management audits, decades old LAFCO studies, Civil Grand Jury reports, the 2019 Wildfire Risk & Response Report and a number of other studies have been completed over the years

         recommend improvements to the County’s regional fire protection system.

     ●  We don’t have time to wait any longer for politics and bureaucracy to sit on another study or report.

     ●  PLEASE HELP US TAKE ACTION - Request your Board of Supervisors, those that represent all residents of Santa Clara County, to start addressing this growing problem.

         We need leadership now, not another study or report. We ask the Board of Supervisors to take action to ensure:

     ○  Strong governance and leadership to ensure a fire protection system that is responsive to local residents and uses taxpayer resources efficiently.

     ○  A strong fire protection system that ensures we have adequate local resources to serve our residents, but is able to provide CAL FIRE with mutual aid during large wildfires.

     ○  Year-round fire protection for residents in all unincorporated areas of Santa Clara County.

     ACTION - please write or call your Supervisor by 10/5/2020 and request ACTION NOW.
     SIGN THE PETITION www.change.org/wildfireSCC



     Will this affect SSCCFD or Morgan Hill’s fire service contract?

      No. The consolidation of the district has no impact to SSCCFD or Morgan Hill’s contract. Consolidation would unify governance under the board and drive more unified planning, prevention

      and response long term in the Los Altos Hills Fire District.


     Shouldn’t each community have control over their own fire department?

      Local control and responsive government is important, but we know from decades of experience that a regional approach to prevention and response simplifies government and is more

      efficient. If each community in the county returned to the fire protection model we used 30-40 years ago, it would be significantly less efficient, expensive, and potentially lead to significant

      response delays during an emergency.


     How does this improve prevention?

      Right now there is no single approach to defensible space inspections. There is no unified approach to fuel reduction. Every jurisdiction is doing their own thing. In fact, there are dozens of

      agencies involved in hazardous fuel reduction county-wide. From a firefighting perspective we want to simplify the approach at the county-level to eliminate some of that jurisdictional

      complexity. This will allow us to continue being a strong partner to the communities we serve and the communities we adjoin.


     Will I lose fire protection or become less safe if the districts are consolidated?

      No, in fact by increasing budget transparency and appropriating funds into more effective proven emergency services will only help with increasing services and protection from wildfire.


     Will my taxes go up if the districts are consolidated?

      No, this is a budget neutral proposal that simply removes layers of government that has effectively created disproportionate levels of funding without improving fire protection in over 30 years.